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Sirdar Colour wheel DK



Colourwheel - New Yarn

Sirdar loves nothing more than exploring wonderful colour combinations to create the most breathtaking of yarns! Colourwheel is wonderfully colourful! Sirdar Colourwheel is a colour effect yarn that creates gorgeous blocks of colour that appear as you knit or crochet, the effect it creates is incredible! Colourwheel comes in 6 glorious colour combinations and is a cake yarn so each of the amazing shades can be seen from the ball! If that wasn’t enough not only do we have 8 patterns with designs for stylish one ball but a Free pattern.

Sirdar had a mistake with the pattern on the ball band  you can make a lovely scarf, but on the ball band it will make a wrap. We will send you the pattern which is missing.


Elna delivery

wWe will be having a delivery of  Elna  sewing machines tomorrow.  This will be very exciting, 

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Elna sewing machine

Good news, we are now suppliers of Elna Sewing Machines, overlockers, embroidery machines and quilting machines.  Any of these can be ordered, and delivery is only a couple of days,  If you are close by you could pop into the shop and have a demonstration.We should have a few samples in the shop quite soon. 

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Woolcraft Cakes

This amazing new Aran weight knitting wool is called cakes because of its shape. It is a great multi purpose yarn which can be used for any Aran knitting pattern, also great for crochet. When knitted each cake contains five different shades. It is knitted with 5mm knitting needles and is hand [...]

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Exciting new wools

Olympus Dk is back, we have 12 lovely shades to choose from, this is something we try to get all the time, it is so popular. It is £1-50 per 100g balls.There are also just two of each balls left of our Chunky snood yarn.  Sirdar Touch, there is a FREE PATTERN on the ball [...]

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Fat quarters

Special offer of Fat quarters for quilting. We have a large selection of packs of 6 100% Cotton fat quarters, normally £`.95 each but pack of six costs £9.75.  Take a look at the selection we have.

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Massive sale of Discontinued Knitting Books

This is the time to get your favourite knitting books at a  greatly discounted price. We have 38 lovely knitting books now on sale, just take a look in our discontinued section.

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Easy crochet

What a great idea from Hayfield, easy to crochet and very cute.  Crochet Cat Nest and Storage Baskets all in Super chunky, so quick. These patterns are now available in store at The Sewing Box.

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Sue Jobson new knitting book

The Bear Book.Sue Jobson is known for her fantastic use of colour and for her exceptional ability to give toys she designs so much character and charm that they really do come to life.This time Sue has created a family of the softest, snuggliest Snowflake bears,  each with their very own outfits and unique personalities. They [...]

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Wendy Knitting Pattern 5970 Monkey

We have just received a new pattern from Wendy, this is a chunky knit and is a very cute cuddly monkey and hot water bottle.The new wool is called  "Eider Chunky" and come in 100 g balls. The shades we will be stocking are Peat 3354-Ecru 3351 and Shale 3353.

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  • Sirdar Colour wheel DK

    Colourwheel - New YarnSirdar loves nothing more than exploring wonderful colour …

  • Elna delivery

    wWe will be having a delivery of  Elna  sewing machines tomorrow. …

  • Elna sewing machine

    Good news, we are now suppliers of Elna Sewing Machines, overlockers, …